Velvet Touch

Velvet Touch

Velvet Touch. The natural and gentle way to remove hair.

Velvet Touch Natural Hair Remover is the fast, gentle and mess free way to get soft, hair-free skin with salon quality results. Say goodbye to knicks, stubble and harsh odours and chemicals. Velvet Touch gently buffs away hair the all natural way and exfoliates leaving your skin silky smooth. Just slip the unique Hair Remover Mitten onto your hand and buff away hair on legs, arms and bikini area with a circular motion. The Facial Buffer is gentle enough to buff away facial hair instantly and easily. Great for travel and touch ups. Also available in a Velvet Touch Hair Remover System Kit which includes both a facial buffer, a body buffer and refills.

For great natural shaving and exfoliating results in the shower, try Velvet Touch Shower Buff.

This original product has been made in Ontario, Canada by Beauty Maid Products for over 60 years.\

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