Waxxxie Aquawax Roll-On Hair Removal Kit

Waxxxie Aquawax Roll-On Hair Removal Kit


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Product description

Waxxxie Aquawax Roll-On Hair Removal Kit

The scent is light and is not greasy so you won’t feel overwhelmed by the smell like many other bodThe Waxxxie Aquawax Roll On Kit is the ultimate waxing option for achieving salon smoothness in the comfort of your own home. It is microwaveable and all-natural, making it suitable for total body waxing.

The kit includes everything you need: three unique rollers (for face and small areas, delicate areas, and legs and body); cartridge; and removable strips. There are no spatulas or wax heaters required—simply heat in the microwave, roll, and then wax!

Aquawax contains no resins or harsh chemicals and is also vegan-friendly. Finally, it is also 100% water-soluble, meaning there is no sticky residue and it will simply wash off in water. It’s the easy and convenient solution to achieve the results you desire!

Waxxxie Aquawax Roll On Kit has the following benefits for your waxing treatment:

  •  Roller Heads for face, delicate areas and body.
  •  Sugar-based formula.
  •  Simply washes off in water.
  •  Microwaveable cartridge is ready in 10 seconds!
  •  With 12 reusable strips.

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