Splat Midnight Jade (30 Wash, No Bleach)


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Product description

Splat Midnight Jade Colour Kit

One step semi-permanent color. Peroxide free formula conditions while you color, no bleach necessary. Make a striking statement that's sure to catch every eye with Splat 30 Wash Midnight Jade Hair Color.

This temporary Midnight Jade color application kit allows you to express yourself with gorgeous Jade locks that won't fade for 20-30 shampoos. Splat's specially designed formula forms a protective shield to prevent fading and maximize long-lasting results, with no bleach required. Enjoy following hair color trends, without damaging your hair, or committing long term.

These bold shades are ideal for adding fierce color streaks or doing a fabulous full-color. Have fun applying this striking jade color and standing out from the crowd. You're going to love the attention-grabbing results of this Splat Hair Color Kit!

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