Splat Dream Ombre - 2 Colours & Bleach Kit

Splat Dream Ombre - 2 Colours & Bleach Kit


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Product description

Splat Dream Ombre - 2 Colours & Bleach Kit

Each Splat Dream Ombré Kit contains two coordinating shades so that you can create a trendy two-tone ombré effect easily at home for a straight from the catwalk look.

The Splat Dream Ombré Kit includes two new colours – “Purple Stars” and “Blue Eclipse” – both colours new to Splat; plus bleach, peroxide and hair ties to separate the colours.

Splat is an extreme semi-permanent hair colour kit with truly bright, long lasting colours. From Developlus. Splat is made with a unique water soluble silicon micro-emulsion that allows for extremely vivid colours and longer-lasting colours. Splat is the only complete kit with everything you need.

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