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Real Techniques MultiTech Small Point Set - Real Techniques by Sam and Nic Chapman | Farleyco Marketing Inc.

Real Techniques MultiTech Small Point Set


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Product description

Real Techniques MultiTech Small Point Set

Need precise touch-ups? This set has four brushes designed to fit into the contours of your face. Together, they can do everything from conceal an imperfection, line your lips or complete your favorite eye look. Set includes:

  • point S: all-over shadow, concealer, contour lines, highlighter + more
  • point XS: color correcting, concealer, crease shadow, +morepoint
  • XXS:  detailed highlighting, detailed shadow, lip blending, + morepoint XXXS: brow filling, smokey liner, smudged liner, lip detailing + more
  • one-size-fits-all brush stand: store your brushes upright

one shape, multiple sizes for any part of the face
proprietary MultiTech™ bristles flawlessly apply all makeup types
universal tapered cut for optimal color pickup and blending