Mesmoreyes Full Lashes #303 Black


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Product description

Choose MesmorEyes #303 for more Flare and Flirty look.  These lashes work well with Almond shaped, Hooded and Round eye shapes.

MesmorEyes Full Lashes help you get that glamorous look the latest Hollywood stars are wearing. Each lash strip is knotted and feathered by hand to achieve a beautiful natural appearance that is so easy to apply. Each pair can be reused. 

Be sure to take a look at the new MesmorEyes Eye Shape Collections.  Each set includes 3 terrific styles for Day, Play and Night - each designed specifically for your eye shape.

Go to Beauty Tips to view Step-by-Step instructions on how to apply MesmorEyes lashes.

Also available at the following retailers:

  • Select Guardian
  • Select IDA
  • Select Pharmasave
  • Select Value Drug Mart

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