MesmorEyes #408 Collection for Monolid Shape (3 Styles)


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Product description

New Collections by MesmorEyes - the only Lash Kit with 3 sets of lash styles ('Day', 'Play' and 'Night') selected for your unique shape.  These lashes are ideal for the Monolid eye shape, an eye shape often seen in those with any Asian genetic.

Monolid Identifier:  A Monolid eye is usually identified by one continuous lid that shows no visible socket line. The brow bone is often less defined.

STYLE:  This eyelid is quite versatile to experiment with, particularly those styles that have curl on the outer edge. 

TIPS:  A heavy or long lash does not look natural; it may stick out too much as the Monolid has no visible crease in the lid, shortening the distance to the brow. Use a lighter lash to help create the illusion of dimension on the flat surface.

COLLECTIONS by MesmorEyes™ Full Lashes have been hand knotted and feathered from 100% sterilized human hair. Comfort band technology make lashes comfortable to wear.

Also available at - MesmorEyes Collections - #408 Monolid

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