Johnny's Chop Shop Beard Wash 100 (mL)

Johnny's Chop Shop Beard Wash 100 (mL)



Product description

Johnny's Chop Shop Beard Wash 100 (mL) Deeply rich and conditioning beard shampoo for a truly majestic result, with masculine aromatic notes of spicy black pepper and cedarwood.

Specially formulated shampoo to soften and strengthen the beard while removing any traces of styling products and nourishing skin. Suitable for all beard types and lengths. Contains Olive Oil to condition and soften beard hair and help nourish skin.

How to use it: Soak your beard. Direct a shot of oil into your palm and massage through beard. Rinse, dry and enjoy! Follow up with a dash of Johnny’ Chop Shop Beard Oil for optimum face foliage conditioning.

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