EcoTools Eye Enhancing Duo Set

EcoTools Eye Enhancing Duo Set



Product description

EcoTools Eye Enhancing Duo Makeup Brush Set

Eye enhancing duo set brush is made from soft, cruelty-free bristles. It has a recycled aluminum ferrule and sleek bamboo handles.

The ENHANCING EYE SET is designed with 4 brush heads to shade, define, blend and smudge.

  • SHADE: Apply shadow all over lid with the soft, tapered bristles
  • DEFINE: Use angled liner end to line and enhance eye shape
  • BLEND: Blend shadow to eliminate streaks and harsh lines
  • SMUDGE: Smudge shadow and liner along lash line

 Our reusable eco pouch is made with natural materials & EVA.

Also available at the following retailers:

  • Select Brunet
  • Select Lawtons Drugs
  • Select Pharma Plus
  • Select Pharmasave
  • Select Rexall
  • Select Uniprix

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