Earth Kiss Pure Pore Cleanse Face Masque



Product description

Earth Kiss Pure Pore Cleanse Detox Mud Face Masque (Single)

Cleanse and nourish your skin with cooling Glacial mud. Grime, sweat and tears can really mess you up, that’s why we unearthed natural Glacial mud, so you can cleanse and de-stress inside and out.

How does Shilajit help my skin?

Our unique and 100% natural Earth Kiss face masques are energised with Shilajit and have kept the wonderful ingredients that we collected from around the world.

The 85 plant micronutrients found in Shilajit, like Fulvic, a natural antioxidant, Hippuric a natural antiseptic and Salicylic, a natural anti inflammatory, help rebalance the skin while also increasing energy and relieving stress and anxiety.

Using this masque as part of your regular pampering sessions will help your skin look its very best. Use at least once per week for optimal results.