Cloth In A Box Glove It (Pink)

Cloth In A Box Glove It (Pink)


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Product description

Two body gloves designed to wash and exfoliate the skin. The soft fabric side foams gently while the other side vigorously exfoliates your body with its double woven fibre.


  • Two uses: cleaning and exfoliation
  • You can use one glove at a time or use both gloves simultaneously
  • Ultra soft fabric lathers and deep cleans while the other exfoliates
  • Leaves the skin fresh, clean and smooth
  • Provides skin with instant radiance and promotes cell renewal
  • Economical and reusable
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Easy to use and maintain



Simply insert your hands into the glove and choose the exfoliating or cleansing side. You can use only one glove at a time or both simultaneously. 

- Exfoliate with one hand and lather with the other

- Lather with both hands to soothe your skin

Use GLOVE IT with water and your body wash. When used morning and night, the glove can help cellular skin renewal.