Andmetics Natural Brow Wax

Andmetics Natural Brow Wax


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Product description

Andmetics Natural Brow Wax Do you want to get rid of hairs extending past your brow line? Do you think plucking is painful and inefficient? Andmetics removes hairs easily from your brow line. The specifically developed waxing strips are patented.

andmetics are pre-shaped, adjusted exactly to the skin patches with unwanted hairs. Unwanted hairs are removed from the root - not only far more quickly but also more comfortably compared to plucking.

Get a perfect brow form in only 2 minutes with andmetics: 2/3 upwards and 1/3 downwards. The pack contains 4 separable strips for 4 applications and also supplementary strips to apply above the brows along with calming care wipes.

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