7th Heaven Pink Oxygen Bubble Mask (Single)

7th Heaven Pink Oxygen Bubble Mask (Single)


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Product description

7th Heaven Pink Oxygen Bubble Mask (Single)

Add some excitement into your skin care routine  with our pink oxygen bubbling sheet mask.  Bursting with a juicy concoction of grapefruit,  raspberry and lemon.

Watch it fizz and foam, leaving skin sparkling fresh  and cleansed.

How to Use:

  • Wash and dry face.
  • Before opening, rub sachet to ‘wake-up’ the bubbles. Use immediately.
  • Apply and smooth out creases.
  • Relax for 5-10 minutes, then remove.
  • Massage any bubbles on the face, rinse and pat skin dry.

ATTENTION RETAILERS: Please Order Retail-Ready – Minimum Quantity 12 singles

Also available at the following retailers:

  • Select Brunet
  • Select Guardian
  • Select IDA
  • Select Pharma Choice
  • Select Uniprix
  • Select Value Drug Mart

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