7th Heaven Charcoal Mud Masque Tube (175g)


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Product description

7th Heaven Charcoal Mud Masque Tube (175g)

Our fresh and clean exfoliating face masks gently polish, removing surface blackheads and built up impurities within pores. If your skin needs that extra little sparkle, then an exfoliating mask is for you. Once you’re done, your skin will be left feeling, light, bright and ready to go.

Charcoal acts as a “deep cleanse” for your skin drawing out; oil, dirt and harmful substances from clogged pores through its absorption powers which help fight acne. Exfoliating Walnut draws out the impurities with the aid of the charcoal and black lava helping to leave the skin with a flawless complexion.

Key Ingredients:   Purifying natural Charcoal, Exfoliating Walnut Shells, Detoxifying Black Lava

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