24 Hr Hydration Anti-Pollution Sheet Mask

24 Hr Hydration Anti-Pollution Sheet Mask


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Product description

24 Hour Hydration Anti-Pollution Vegan Bamboo Sheet Mask for Dull & Tired Skin

Pollution doesn’t only impact your lungs, it can have devastating impact on your skin too. Irritation, clogged pores and dull complexions are nobody’s idea of healthy skin, which is why our new mask pumps you up with vitamins and other antioxidants. You’ll feel like you’re wrapped in a safe bubble of hydration, far, far away from all those nasties hanging around. Pollution? What pollution?

✔ Biodegradable bamboo sheet mask

✔ Vegan

✔ Helps protect against environmental pollution and its harmful effects on the skin.

✔ Provides a sensation of having a protective matrix 'shield' over the skin.

✔ Helps provide skin with a brighter and smoother appearance.

✔ Fragrance free

✔ Enriched with Vitamin E

✔ Clinically Proven

✔ Dermatologically tested

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