Perspirex Plus

Perspirex Plus

Perspirex Plus. Life changing protection.

If you feel your current sweat solution isn't keeping you dry, try Perspirex Plus Antiperspirant. Its unique formulation is clinically proven to provide lasting protection from sweat and odour.

Perspirex helps reduce excessive perspiration, for up to 5 days.

Excessive perspiration or heavy sweating - caused by hyperactivity in the sweat glands - can be experienced by anyone at any time. If you've suffered from it you have likely tried several solutions and found they haven't delivered adequate protection.

Perspirex Plus is different. It's advanced formula is perfume-free and non-staining formulation is clinically proven to provide effective protection from sweat and odour. Perspirex Plus roll-on uses a patented formulation that minimizes irritation commonly associated with other aluminum chloride based antiperspirants making it suitable for delicate underarm skin. For optimum effectiveness it is essential that you apply Perspirex Plus just before going to bed and to completely dry, unbroken skin. You can shower as usual in the morning but do not reapply. Apply Perspirex Plus from 3 to 7 days until you have obtained the desired effect. Once the sweat is reduced, reduce the frequency of application to 1-2 nights a week according to the need.

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