Our Story

Health and Beauty products from around the world brought to you by Farleyco.

Whether you are looking for beauty enhancers, solutions to a problem or simply personal pampering, our full range of beauty products and accessories include a wide spectrum of answers. We guarantee quality brands that you can use knowing that you are using safe, tried and tested products from leading manufacturers.

Farleyco is also proud of our ever-growing personal health care line, which currently offers products for people who suffer from excessive sweating, painful cracks on the heels and toes, severely dry and damaged skin, and nail fungus and blisters. We are always looking to bring you, our consumer, the best remedial products we can find.

Corporate Profile

Farleyco Marketing has been providing unique beauty and personal health products to Canadians since 1989. Traversing the globe from the UK to Australia, Denmark to the United States, and as far away as Indonesia, Farleyco seeks out and brings to the Canadian market, personal care products that offer a distinctive point of difference – that’s what makes us special.

Farleyco represents many advertised brand names, and is committed to offering Canadians best selection in their shopping experience, along with competitive prices on all of its top-quality products.

A national distributor and sales agency offering full coverage to retail commercial outlets, Farleyco products can be found from major chains to small independent drug stores across Canada.

Farleyco is a privately owned distribution company, which supplies full marketing and sales programs for our principals in the Canadian marketplace and continues to build long-term mutually beneficial relationships. Based in Richmond Hill Ontario, and with a national sales force servicing outlets across Canada, the Farleyco warehouse facility ships and receives product lines from all around the world.