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New Collections by MesmorEyes - the only Lash Kit with 3 sets of lash styles ('Day', 'Play' and 'Night') selected for your unique shape. Collections by MesmorEyes has created a first of its kind programme that specifically tells you which false eyelashes suits your eye type.  Learn what your eye type is by watching this video.

Mesmoreyes Lashes are the perfect choice to help you create fuller, more dramatic eyes or get that Hollywood glamour look you desire. Mesmoreyes Lashes are premium quality lashes that are hand knotted and feathered for the most natural appearance. Each Mesmoreyes pack has step by step visuals and instructions on the back for easy application and perfect results. Mesmoreyes lashes are also made with a lightweight band so that they are ultra light and comfortable to wear and are easy to remove. In a wide range of styles from full lashes to half lashes, individual lashes and lash extensions. The easy to use all in one Mesmoreyes Complete Kits also come with their own glue and applicator sticks to create luxurious natural looking lashes in minutes.

Mesmoreyes Adhesive 1 glue is the perfect glue to hold your full and half lashes firmly and securely in place while Mesmoreyes Adhesive 2 is the glue of choice for individual lashes and lash extensions. Mesmoreyes False Eyelash Remover helps you to remove individual lashes and lash extensions quickly and easily with no tugging or loss of lashes.

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