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  • Perspirex Plus Roll-on
    Perspirex Plus is a solution for people who feel they have a sweat problem on a weekly or seasonal basis.

  • Foods that change the smell of sweat
    Some foods, such as onions, garlic and celery modify the odour of perspiration once ingested. In fact, this goes unnoticed for many people, but for others it is a nuisance that gives even greater headaches when it comes to eliminating sweat odour.

  • Stress and emotions – the causes of excessive sweating
    Hyperhidrosis or excessive sweating is a matter of natural origin, but has a significant impact on the mental well-being of people with this problem. Fear that others will notice the sweat can generate problems of insecurity and self-esteem. It can get to the point where a person chooses to avoid social interaction.

  • Tips for removing sweat stains on clothes!
    They’re unwanted, they’re embarrassing and they’re gross: Sweat stains. Nobody wants to wind up with them, but some people are luckier than others. The “others” are those with more severe sweating issues like hyperhidrosis, which leads to shirts that are perpetually soaked.

  • Sports, an ally against excessive sweating, but what clothes to wear to the gym?
    Prepare your bag, go to the gym, exercise and enjoy it! Well-planned exercise will be a great partner for our physical and mental health. To fully enjoy exercising however, you need to choose suitable clothes.

  • Makeup against perspiration
    Sometimes it can be difficult to find the right makeup for certain situations, such as during summer when temperatures are high and the heat is overbearing.

  • Perspirex-Plus
    As of February 1st, 2015 Perspirex, in the blue package, will be replaced with new Perspirex Plus in the purple package, with the following benefits:

  • Can our bedding cause nighttime sweating?
    You toss and turn. The sheets get thrown off, and then pulled back on. Half the night is spent hot, the other half cold, and when you finally wake up you're unrested and sweating.

  • Phobias and sweat
    Acrophobia, claustrophobia, nyctophobia, and arachnophobia: Some of the most common phobias that people worldwide live with. Reactions to fear range from mild to severe; it could be as little as a quickened heartbeat or it could be nauseating, debilitating stress.

  • Spicy food promotes perspiration
    The term "spicy" can mean flavourful, but in this article we are specifically talking about the spicy heat that can add a nice zing to your meal or render you glued to a glass of water. If you fight against excessive sweating, enough of this heat can leave you with a real battle, but why? As always, read on to find out.

  • Sweating and weight loss: A dangerous myth
    Many people are under the impression that sweating promotes weight loss. This belief leads some people to disregard yoga and pilates as exercise because it doesn't cause much sweating, while others actually over-dress or wear plastic wrap to sweat more.

  • Natural fabrics for your Summer Clothes
    Enjoy the summer season without worrying about the summer sweat. The first step is enlisting the help of a good antiperspirant like Perspirex!

  • The importance of hygiene for people with excessive sweating
    Hygiene is (well, should be) a regular part of our daily routine. Showering along with a deodorant application is important for staying clean and healthy. But you have to shower effectively in order for it to work, and sometimes even that isn't enough.

  • Excessive sweating and sports
    Hyperhidrosis or excessive sweating is a problem that severely affects a person's daily life. The extreme sweat becomes a real obstacle in performing daily activities. For example, exercise is a very important part of a healthy lifestyle, but it causes a LOT of sweat.

  • Vegetables and fruit help fight sweat
    Only 6% of people with hyperhidrosis are considering how their diet can help against sweating.

  • How do you handle situations with a high amount of stress - like weddings?
    In light of the upcoming wedding season, we thought some advice on sweat control may come in handy. Weddings are beautiful, elegant occasions full of love and shared with friends and family.

  • How do antiperspirants work?
    Deodorants and antiperspirants are two very different products. Often the terms deodorant and antiperspirant are used interchangeably, but there is in fact a significant difference between the two.

  • Those who sweat excessively avoid contact with the opposite sex
    One study showed that 87% of people think that sweat stains are unpleasant or very unpleasant and that 25% of those who have sweating problems tend to avoid contact with the opposite sex.

  • Alcohol and sweat: Realities and myths
    If you have excessive sweating - alcohol is something you should avoid. Like spicy food or caffeine, alcohol can stimulate the activity of our sweat glands. It may be more illuminating to know some myths and facts about alcohol and sweat.

  • Do you have hyperhidrosis?
    Hyperhidrosis is a condition where the amount of sweat produced is much higher than normal. Some people sweat almost 4-5 times more than would normally be necessary to maintain and regulate body temperature.

  • Don't Sweat it! Help for problem perspiration.

  • Excessive Sweating and Hyperhidrosis:
    Information guide to excess sweating, hyperhidrosis and treatment options.