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MesmorEyes #407 Collection for Hooded Shape (3 Styles)

New Collections by MesmorEyes - the only Lash Kit with 3 sets of lash styles ('Day', 'Play' and 'Night') selected for your unique shape. These lashes have been specially selected for a Hooded eye shape.

Hooded Eye Identifier:  Age can sometimes create a hooded appearance. Hooded eyes feature an extra layer of skin that droops over the crease, causing the lid area to look smaller.

STYLE:  Hooded eyes really benefit from well defined upper & lower lash lines.

TIPS:  Focus on lashes with medium to longer lengths in the center of the lashes, as they open the eyes dramatically. 

COLLECTIONS by MesmorEyes™ Full Lashes have been hand knotted and feathered from 100% sterilized human hair. Comfort band technology make lashes comfortable to wear.

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