Five Facts for Blonde Hair

It's your time to shine

Did you know...? 5 facts about blonde hair!

  1. The carefree appeal of blonde hair makes it one of the most sought-after colours in the world
  2. Blonde hair is among the rarest natural shades
  3. Low levels of melanin pigmentation are responsible for light-coloured hair, a recessive condition that can easily be overshadowed by dominant brown hair genes
  4. Blonde strands of hair are the thinnest of all natural colours
  5. Naturally blonde individuals have an average of 140,000 strands of hair on their scalp, by far the greatest density of any natural shade

Five Facts for Grey Hair

Embracing the natural you

  1. Grey hair is hereditary and your hair will change around the same time as Your parents
  2. As well as your hair, your skin tone changes colour as you get older, meaning your once natural hair colour may no longer suit you
  3. Human hair grows autonomously, each hair is on its own individual cycle
  4. Well groomed women with grey/white hair are seen as naturally sexy because of the confidence they exude - just look at Helen Mirren!

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