Ecotools Cosmetic Brush Guide:

  • Brushes are the ultimate makeup application tool. While sponges and plastic applicators have their place too, any woman who wants to look her best will find brushes to be her go-to resource.
  • Most brushes are multi-purpose. For instance, an eye brush can also be used to apply concealer or lip gloss. For this presentation, we'll tell you about the main brushes and their normal uses. Just remember that anything goes!
  • Brushes should be washed from time to time to remove makeup and keep them in good shape.

Powder Brush:

  • The hand cut design of this brush helps product glide perfectly on face.
  • For use with loose powder, pressed powder, mineral powder, or for a sheer application of bronzer.
  • Its large size also makes it ideal for applying product to the neck, collarbone, and body.

Foundation Brush:

  • The angled shape of the foundation brush aligns effortlessly to the contours of the face for an all-over application of liquid or cream foundation.
  • Works under the eyes, around the nose, and in the creases for an even base application.

Blush Brush:

  • A versatile brush used to either contour, define, or shade.
  • Works with all types of face makeup, including blushbronzer, and powder.
  • Unique contour design is cut from the bottom of the brush to cleanly apply makeup to the face.

Buffing Brush:

  • Bamboo Buffing Brush features a unique hand-cut brush with a flat style top and long handle for more control. Perfect for blending powder and creating a finished face.
  • The buffing brush has densely packed bristles, which makes it perfect for any type of powder application.
  • The hand-cut design used by many makeup artists also features ultra soft, cruelty-free brushes, recycled aluminum ferrules and sleek bamboo handles.

Kabuki Brush:

  • These little brushes work to create perfect cheekbones.
  • Using it with bronzer defines and contours the hollows of the cheeks.
  • Using it with blush to fills out the apples of the cheeks.

Shading Brush:

  • The domed shape of the shading brush cuts into the creases of the eye and adds shade to the eye lids.
  • Cleanly applies any type of eye shadow.

Lash Brow Groomer:

  • The bristle and teeth of the groomer work to create defined, separated lashes and beautiful brows.
  • Brush through brows to shape and clean out any loose makeup that may have settled there.