Ecotips from Ecotools:

  1. Find new uses for old things. Wrap gifts in old Sunday comics instead of store bought wrapping paper.

  2. In order to conserve energy, don't forget to turn off the lights when you leave the room!

  3. Take your cloth bags to the store instead of using plastic and paper bags. It reduces waste and requires no additional energy!

  4. Buy fresh foods instead of frozen because frozen food uses 10 times more energy to produce!

  5. By supporting your local farmers market you can help save on the gas costs of importing food!

  6. Keep your car empty. Don't haul extra weight around because it decreases your gas mileage!

  7. Find ways to reduce your impact. On average, a person uses 4.4 pounds of solid waste a day. This adds up to almost a ton of trash per person, per year!

  8. Plant a tree. A single tree will absorb one ton of Carbon Dioxide over its lifetime!

  9. Recycle what you read! Recycling a stack of newspaper just 3 feet high saves one tree!

  10. Move your heater thermostat down two degrees in winter and up two degrees in the summer. This will save 2,000 lbs of carbon dioxide and about $100 per year!

  11. Find ways to reduce your impact. On average, a person uses 4.4 pounds of solid waste a day. This adds up to almost a ton of trash per person, per year!

  12. Purchase products with minimal packaging that can be reused or recycled. Packaging makes up about a third of garbage that piles up in landfills!

  13. Upgrade your toilet. Older toilets use 5-7 gallons of water per flush. New ones use 1.6 gallons. If each person flushes 5 times a day, that's a saving of 27 gallons per day, per person!

  1. Carpool with co-workers or classmates! Sharing a ride just two days a week will reduce your carbon dioxide emissions by 1,590 pounds a year!

  2. If 10,000 people replaced one outdated appliance with an Energy Star version, $800,000 would be saved on energy bills annually!

  3. Buy products that are durable and long-lasting such as rechargeable batteries or refillable pens. Reducing your garbage by 10% can save about 1,200 pounds of carbon dioxide!

  4. Save energy by using fans or open windows instead of running the air conditioner.

  5. Donating your old magazines to libraries can help reduce paper waste!

  6. Daytime heat causes water to evaporate four to eight times faster so water your lawn only in the morning or evening.

  7. To reduce paper towel usage, use old clothing and sheets for dusting and cleaning.

  8. Save paper by using old junk mail for scrap paper and to-do lists.

  9. Do not leave faucets dripping - one drop wasted per second wastes 10,000 liters of water per year!

  10. Install faucet aerators and high-efficiency showerheads to save 1,000 to 8,000 gallons of water annually.

  11. Reuse your shopping bags! If every household refused a paper grocery bag for one shopping trip, about 60,000 trees would be saved annually!

  12. On average 10% of all toothpaste goes unused! So next time you go to toss that toothpaste tube or lotion bottle in the garbage, thoroughly squeeze it out to reduce your waste.

  13. Leaving your car at home just two days a week will reduce greenhouse gas emissions by an average of 1,600 pounds per year!