Sure Thik

Sure Thik

SureThik: Thicker Hair in 10 Seconds.

SureThik Natural Hair Thickening Fibers. Simply shake on to attach to the scalp and the surrounding hairs to cover thinning hair and wide parts. SureThik is made with microscopic keratin fibers that are lightweight and have natural static. Hair loss suffers are amazed with this easy and natural solution. The goal of SureThik is to create a voluminous look that is guaranteed to stay put and look natural with normal daily wear.

With the eight haircolor shade options, you will always get the perfect match to blend with your natural hair. SureThik is guaranteed to give you thicker looking hair in 10 seconds! The fibers are simple to apply, non-itchy and hypo-allergenic. When used with the SureThik Fiber Locking Spray , they remain in the hair and scalp until washed out. They are wind, rain and perspiration proof!

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