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Montagne Jeunesse

Montagne Jeunesse. Nourishing Your Skin and Soul Naturally.

The Montagne Jeunesse range of delightful masques will help beautify your skin and hair! All products are made with all natural ingredients whenever possible, staying away from harmful chemicals and additives. We pulp, crush, squeeze, juice and extract all of the goodness of nature's fruits and flowers to help make you beautiful. All products are vegetarian, never tested on animals or use suppliers who have, and are as green and eco-friendly as possible.

Montagne Jeunesse is the largest brand of beauty masques in the world with over 50 fun, pampering treats. These affordably priced products are the perfect pick-me-up treat.

Multi-Use Bottles: Indulgent spa masques and top selling recipes in a larger size with up to 10 uses.

Face Masques: Be spoilt for choice with a fabulous range of natural, uplifting face masques.

Clay Face Spas:  Introducing new ground-breaking face masques that deliver a unique, enhanced cleansing experience. Specially sourced clays are infused into natural bamboo fabric making deep cleansing your skin quicker, easier and more convenient than ever before - creating a whole new type of face masque, a world's first in face care. 

Hair Care: These 2 step hair miracles provide the perfect all-year-round hair treatment.

Bath: Submerge into a warm bathe filled with natural herbal treatments to soothe and calm.

Eyes: Help revive tired eyes with our specialist range of face care products.

Lip Balms: Natural Lip Balms made with 100% Beeswax in 5 soothing formulas.

Men's: Specially formulated for men's skin needs these products deep cleanse.

7th Heaven: Line of fully organic Face masks for your skin.

Caringly made in the UK by the herbalists at Montagne Jeunesse.

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